Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Caliber Stone.
Q. What are the benefits to owning a stone manufacturing business?
Be your own boss and gain autonomy. Profitability. You choose either a full-time or part-time venture. You can readily supply the demand for stone in your community.
Q. How are my molds transported?
A. They are cost-effectively shipped by freight.
Q. What is the life expectancy of the molds?
A. With proper care and attention this rubber mold compound is know to last for decades. We offer a 3 year guarantee.
Q. Who purchases manufactured stone?
A partial list includes: commercial general contractors, builders, evelopers, fireplace dealers, construction suppliers, masonry and stone installers, landscape designers, architects, designers and nurseries, retail home owners.
Q. Who installs my stone?
A. Installing manufactured stone is simple, but utilizing trade personnel is
Q. What type of surface can manufactured stone adhere to?
Manufactured stone can be applied to any structurally solid surface: wood, concrete or concrete blocks, brick, stucco and steel frames. Manufactured stone is very versatile.
Q. How do I locate raw materials?
A. Materials are readily available locally. We can offer you many suggestions.
Q. What sort of guidance is available?
For a minimal fee and your travel expenses, you can attend our one day workshop at our facility. (We can suggest accommodations). We also offer our computer instruction package.
Q. What are the ingredients within manufactured stone?
Manufactured stone is a blend of light weight aggregates, Portland cement and iron oxide coloring pigments.
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