Caliber Stone is offering to help you begin your new business venture in several ways.

First, we supply you with superior quality molds. When you purchase your molds from us, you are investing in a well-developed proprietary approach, proven successful and durable. Our advanced quality molds withstand the rigorousness of a 24/7 stone manufacturing facility. Our molds are a rubber-based compound and don’t require a release agent. They are cast from natural stones from around the world. Our proprietary formula enhances our molds, such that all stone contours and textured details are captured, resulting in a realistic stone appearance.

Second, when you purchase your first 100 sq.ft. or more mold packages from us, we will offer you a FREE two day workshop to learn about the aggregate mix designs, pigment formulations and many other insightful tips to help you manufacture your stone.

Here is a list of reasons why we believe that starting your stone manufacturing business is beneficial to you:

Immediate return of investment
No prior experience needed
Our expertise, experience and success to aid you
Our well-developed rubber molds are long-lasting and state-of-the-art
You own your own business; it is not a franchise
We provide the necessary instruction to get you started
Your initial expenses are minimal
There is no need to build your market; it already exists
You can benefit from our proprietary formula
On-going support
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